Chief Minister visits his former boss

Chief Minister visits his former boss

PENAMPANG: Chief Minister Datuk Seri Hajiji Noor took time off to visit former RTM Sabah Controller of Programmes cum Deputy Director, Wilfred Mojilis at his residence in Kampung Kobusak here yesterday.

Mojilis, 85, together with the late Datuk Fred Sinidol, were the pioneers who established the Kadazan Section of RTM, to promote and preserve the use of the Kadazan language via radio broadcast in the 1960s.

Mojilis, also a talented singer-songwriter has composed almost 100 Kadazan songs, among them Sugali Sunsugali, the first Kadazan song to be aired on RTM.

To his credit, his equally talented children popularised his other songs Nokoikot Noh Ih Monumbuhui and Nuhu Nabahu.

Hajiji worked under Mojilis during his one-year stint as a radio announcer in 1976.


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