Challenges, future of modern labour market demand discussed at Azerbaijan Career Development Forum

Challenges, future of modern labour market demand discussed at Azerbaijan Career Development Forum

KOTA KINABALU: The University College Sabah Foundation (UCSF) Vice Chancellor Dr Rafiq Idris has been invited as a panelist in the main forum in conjunction with the international level “Azerbaijan Career Development Forum 2023” programme held at Marriot Boulevard Hotel, Baku, Azerbaijan, recently.

The event was organised by Azerbaijan State Employment Agency, Ministry of Labour and Social Protection of Population of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

There were three panel sessions held with panelists coming from universities and private sectors. Dr Rafiq along with two prominent university rectors from Azerbaijan and Turkey were panelists of the forum on “The Role of Universities in Navigating the Transforming Landscape of the Modern Labour Market,” for the first session The forum among others Highlighted that the advancement of technology, contemporary innovation on many areas, artificial Intelligence, internet of things have made labour market demand to be more dynamic.All these have made different or additional skill sets required by the market.

Dr Rafiq among other things highlighted the need for universities to adapt and be responsive as well as flexible in meeting and supporting the needs of the modern labour market.Several other interesting questions were answered and discussed during the forum.

Among the questions were whether Artifical Intelligence (AI) a threat to universities in today’s world and should students still go to universities despite those? How to facilitate the process of transition of students to the labour market.

On another note, after the event Dr Rafiq highlighted that “Azerbaijan is a wonderful country and is known to be important producer of Oil and agricultural products.

Not many know that the first offshore oil exploration in the world was in Azerbaijan and in the beginning of 20th century, the country supplied a significant amount of oil supply for the world.”

“Looking into the development in Azerbaijan, I hope that more bilateral economic activities involving these two countries will take place.

”The Azerbaijan Career Development Forum 2023 was attended by over 1000 participants.


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